Let's get back to basics.

Align Movement

"You are your own best therapist"

- guy voyer

what can I do for you?

Here at Align Movement, I take a holistic approach to the body. I do this by looking at the relationship of musculature in your body and find where specific tension may be resulting in pain. My mission is to provide you with a full body treatment plan, teach you new awareness of your body and educate you,  The methodology that i use is being used in the mlb with the la angels and la dodgers, nba with the golden state warriors, nhl, featured in broadcasting like mindpump media, the pga, collegiate sports and so many more. it is slowly transitioning how health care providers and trainers treat their athletes and patients. You too can be trained and taken care of like pro athletes  with any challenge you might be facing. I will help realign your movement, create strength where there is weakness to help reach your goals, and provide you the knowledge to free yourself of pain with movement. My multi-disciplinary approach allows me to challenge you both mentally and physically. Which will make you work hard, stay strong, motivated, and ready for any task you want to perform!