Manual Therapy

Manual Therapy/Osteopathic Treatments

Rachael Van Schoick is a Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT) and is one of the few LMT’s Certified under DO Guy Voyer as a Soma Therapist among several other certified bodies. She has also spent several years working as a Physical Therapist Aide in various environments broadening her exposure to injury, recovery, and treatment. She takes into account the body as a whole versus the exact site of injury, therefore her treatments are very detailed and cover everything that would be involved with that particular issue. 

These treatments include Fascial Normalization (similar to Craniosacral Therapy), Pumping, 2TLS and others. Her treatments range from any orthopedic injuries to diaphragmatic issues, and pelvic pain/dysfunction. Once the proper treatment is given then you will continue a specific plan designed for the problem at hand and the ability to understand what is going wrong and how to fix it. 


Common Conditions Treated:

Diaphragmatic Issues

There are many interrelated issues in the body that connect with the diaphragm. These issues can all vary, but there are treatments to help!