Why am I Different?

About Me

Rachael Van Schoick

B.S. Exercise Science, LMT, SomaTherapist, SomaTrainer, CAFS, CPT, Pilates

Rachael Van Schoick specializes in orthopedic dysfunction, pain, general wellness, weight loss and posture. She is on the forefront of treatments and solutions for any and all types of challenges. 

Rachael is studying under World Renowned DO Guy Voyer, a French Osteopath, who is changing the rehab world. This education allows her to look at the body as a whole functioning unit in tensegrity, not just to treat the symptoms. Her treatments are focused on extremely thorough manual therapy, segmented corrective exercise, myofascial stretching, and ELDOA.

Along with several other teachings including Pilates, weight training, massage, and so much more, Rachael is able to choose among a wide variety of tools to help you function at the highest level. 

Having experienced her own challenges and injuries she understands how frustrating other therapies can be. This is why looking at the complexity of the body and understanding relations are very important. Due to her education she can provide the best care with as many tools as possible, because no ONE body is the same. 

"I am your one stop shop for training, body work, strengthening, rehab, stretching, nutrition and more!"



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